Hack Days in Stockholm

On June 10-11, the Swedish hackathon in our Hack4Europe! series will take place in Stockholm.

We organise the days together with the Swedish National Heritage Board and have found another beautiful venue: The Livrustkammaren.

The Livrustkammaren (“Royal Armoury”) is a museum in the Royal Palace in Stockholm. It contains fine collections of objects from the Swedish Military History and Swedish Royalty. It is the oldest museum in Sweden, established in 1628. To view objects from the Livrustkammaren, click here.

Hopefully, the hack day participants will have time to explore Stockholm, 
located on 14 islands on the south-central east coast of Sweden.
Stockholm is known for its beauty, its buildings and architecture, its abundant clean and open water, and its many parks. It is sometimes referred to as Venice of the North.

To find more information about the Hack Days, go to: http://version1.europeana.eu/web/api/hackathons

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