Great recipes from renowned cookery books

Autumn has been traditionally the season of ample food brought with the harvest. Even the term harvest used to refer to the autumn season before the 16th century, and in some languages, for example German (Herbst) or Dutch (herfst), it still means autumn.

The collected crops, vegetables and fruit were turned into simple or more elaborate dishes that changed and evolved throughout history. See some of the most renowned cookery books and get inspired by the great recipes.

Hindhaugh's Cookery Book

Guillaume Tirel (ca. 1310 – 1395), also known as Taillevent, was a cook to French kings Charles V and Charles VI. His cookery book Le Viandier (On meat) was considered a highly important work by food historians, and had greatly influenced subsequent books on French cuisine. Like other first cookbooks, it is fairly short and intended for professionals, for example there is no information on proportions or cooking times.

Taillevent's cookbook

François Pierre de la Varenne (1615 – 1678) is considered to be the father of French modern cuisine. He was also the first one to comprehensively write on pastry-making. In his book Le Cuisinier françois, he addressed food preparation in a systematic way, and was the first one to introduce things like the Béchamel sauce and an early form of the hollandaise sauce.
Le cuisinier francois
If you don’t think you are professional enough, then there is also something for the beginners.
The French Cannaméliste is a famous cookery book of the 18th century with many recipes for preserves, cakes, biscuits, sweets, nougats and glazed or candied fruits.
The French Cannameliste cookbook
A delicious new cookbook with all sorts of dishes of vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, game, fish and baked food: not only for healthy people, but also for those who are unwell is one of the oldest cookery books in German written by a woman. It will give you ample recipes to choose from.
One of the first cookery books in Germany written by a woman
Have fun cooking and please share your favourite recipes afterwards!

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