Redesigned Europeana launched

written by Aisulu on October 11, 2011 in News with 4 comments

Based on users’ feedback we’ve been receiving since our launch in November 2008, Europeana underwent a significant makeover. The new Europeana is now more visual, interactive and easier to use.

Explore Europeana

Here are some of the new things you can do on Europeana:

• You can easily find our latest virtual exhibitions, content highlights and Europeana initiatives on the image carousel, the “Featured item” section or in the top navigation link “Explore”.

• You can translate information about an item into your language with the translate function.

• You can find more information about an item, its creator or its genre on external sites, like Wikipedia or Amazon, by clicking through from Europeana.

• You can copy your favourite item to your site with the embed function.

• You can quickly find ways to interact with other users through our blog, Facebook page, or Europeana Remix.

Visit Europeana and experience for youself!