Images of Latvia through time

written by Aisulu on November 1, 2011 in Content and News with no comments

In time for November celebrations of Latvia’s Independence Day, the unique treasures of Latvia revealed in its majestic scenery, ancient castles, beautiful parks and its people, can be now discovered on Europeana. The recently-added collection Lost Latvia from the Latvian National Library opens access to over 18,000 drawings, postcards and photographs from the 19th century to present day.

Photograph of a bus Riga - Bauska

For example, you can find the Turaida castle (or “God’s garden” in the language of the ancient inhabitants, the Livonians), which is known not only for its great architecture, but also for the breathtaking landscape surrounding the medieval castle. Or you can view the birthplace of the Latvian theatre – the Dikli manor, where in 1818, Schiller’s The Robbers was performed in a threshing house.

Postcard depicting Turaida Castle, Latvia

Latvia’s new content is being delivered by a major digitisation project that is increasing the percentage of the country’s content in Europeana.  Last week the European Commission published its new targets for digitisation by countries, suggesting that every country should have a representative proportion of its cultural heritage in Europeana in the next few years.  It is part of the Commission’s new Recommendation on Digitisation and Digital Preservation.