Wiki Loves Monuments: Submit Your Photos

written by Geer Oskam on September 20, 2012 in News with 4 comments

You’ve already heard about it, but here’s the 101 on how to participate in the world’s biggest photo contest: Wiki Loves Monuments 2012.

What is it?

Wiki Loves Monuments is asking you to photograph your local monuments and upload the photos to Wikimedia, your photos can then be used in the future to enrich Wikipedia articles. You’ll help with the visibility of cultural heritage and also become a valuable participant in the Wiki community.

Cool, how do I take part?

Move around a lot? Download the WLM android and iPhone app (the iPhone app is listed as 123POI). These apps reveal the nearest monuments to your current location and if they’ve been photographed. Via the WLM homepage  you should select the country you are residing in. Then on your country-page you’ll find a link to all the official listed monuments. Most countries will direct you to a Google map where all monuments are pinned (blue pins are monuments which already have a photo; yellow pins are monuments which haven’t been photographed yet). This makes it easier for you to find monuments to photograph in you neighbourhood!

Wiki Loves Monuments

Start photographing!

Here are some tips:

  • Take high resolution photos
  • Take multiple photos
  • Make a list of all the monuments you photograph (they often have a number, you’ll see this when you enter your country’s monument list via the WLM homepage)
  • Differ your shots: use detailed or overview shots

But mainly it’s important that you participate and have fun, its all about raising awareness for cultural heritage.

I’ve captured a great photo: Now upload it!

Your photos need to be uploaded via Wikimedia Commons, when logged in you’ll find an easy WLM upload wizard. You can add your photos under a specific monument. And you can also upload your photos to Europeana’s special category: GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).

Europeana and WLM

Europeana is an official partner of Wiki Loves Monuments. As a result we’ve a special category within the WLM contest entitled; GLAM institutions.

When you’ve taken a photo of a GLAM monument you can upload it to our category. You’ll automatically be nominated to be part of an upcoming  Virtual Exhibition on . In addition to the exhibition, we’ll reward the best overall photograph and the best GLAM monument photograph with a large scale print of their winning entry on a gorgeous aluminium sheet. Furthermore you’ll still be in the running for the overall WLM first prize; a trip toHong Kong.

When you add a photo to our GLAM institutions category make sure that you add a description with it. For example: what inspired you? What personal connection do you’ve with this institution? We’d like to add your comments to the Virtual Exhibition.

The WLM contest is open throughout the month of September. In the beginning of 2013, Europeana will launch the exhibition on WLM and GLAM monuments. Good luck and we look forward to seeing all your entries!