Preview Europeana’s New Portal

written by Neil on October 23, 2012 in Behind the scenes and News with 11 comments

Last week, with the help of Mona Lisa and Maria Theresa, we got you guessing about the nature of the exciting announcement we promised you! A few of you tweeted and commented your predictions, and now it’s time to reveal all. So here it is: we’ve just launched a preview of our brand new portal – see it now at

One of the biggest improvements that you’ll hear us talking about over the next few weeks is that the portal is now responsive, meaning that it automatically adapts to any screen size. So whether you are browsing from an iPhone or a big desktop monitor, the portal will adjust image and text sizes, looking good whatever you’re using. So, what are you waiting for? We invite you to grab your mobile devices and test it out! If you don’t have a mobile or tablet handy, you can still check it out: simply click the right hand corner of your web browser and resize the window, you’ll see the portal automatically adjust to the new window size.

The obvious benefit of a responsive portal is that you can view Europeana on almost any device and it will always look great. Having one portal that works with every screen size eliminates the need for our old mobile version of the website which lacked some of the features of the main site.

But that’s not all we’ve been working on. Each Wednesday for the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting a new feature or aspect of the updated portal and asking you all to give it a whirl at We’ll give you a couple of days to play with it and then have a Feedback Friday so you can tell us about your experiences. This feedback will be used to make further improvements to the portal before it is launched publicly.

Anyway, we’d rather let the new portal speak for itself. Use it how you would use the previous version and you’ll notice many improvements to how it looks and what it does, including easier searching and browsing.

A final note – please forgive us if you encounter any bugs or performance issues to begin with. The preview portal is a test site and we’re still working on it! Some existing features such as ‘My Europeana’ are not yet functional on the test version, also users of Internet Explorer should note that their browser should be at least version 9, support for version 8 will be added very soon.

Enjoy! Post your initial feedback in the comments field below!