Meet Europeana: Geer Oskam

written by Beth on November 15, 2012 in Meeting Europeana with 2 comments

Geer Oskam is Europeana’s new Senior Marketing Specialist. Here he picks out some items from the collections that tell us a little bit more about him. Geer is part of multiple activities within the projects we call Europeana Awareness and Europeana Version 2. He is responsible for marketing strategies, end-user engagement concepts and liaisoning with Wikimedia.

Geer Oskam - Europeana

I enjoy engaging (new) audiences with arts and cultural heritage. With the right content, creative thinking, an open way of communicating and taking some risks – you’ll often be surprised by the results. There isn’t a place I can think of where the content is more fascinating then within the Europeana database; almost on a daily basis I am surprised by the fascinating objects that I find here. Let’s work together, share knowledge and bring these wonderful objects to as many users as possible.

Roaming through the Europeana database I found one record that might look uninteresting to you but that holds a special story for me: I grew up in Lekkerkerk, which would literally translate to ‘Yummychurch’. On this picture you can see the beams of the church that is the heart of Lekkerkerk. Every year my father let us climb up the tower of the church to take a look at these beams. The reason for this was that my grandfather helped renovate this church. When renovation was complete, he secretly drew his name on one of these beams: ‘Geer Oskam’. It must be on one of the beams photographed here, it’s still visible today. In addition, I really like this picture because if you look through the beams on the right, you see the river Lek and one of these rooftops near the water is the house I grew up in.

I currently live in Amsterdam after graduating from the University of Amsterdam. Since completing my MA in Cultural Studies, I have worked for the Van Gogh Museum, organised Amsterdam’s Museums Night and ran a contemporary art gallery. Most of my free time is dedicated to riding my long board, collecting art from young Dutch artists, geeking out over dinosaurs and travelling.

Finally, you have to see my latest favourite record from Europeana – click here – just read the description, intriguing!