Meet Europeana: Henning Scholz

written by Beth on February 12, 2013 in Meeting Europeana with no comments

Henning Scholz  joined Europeana in November 2012 as Europeana Network Developer, but he has had connections with the organisation since 2009. He coordinated the Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe project, which is one of the Europeana family of projects. He has also been Secretary of the Europeana Network since 2010. The Europeana Network is a group of 500+ professionals from institutions across Europe who work together to improve access to Europe’s cultural heritage.

Henning Scholz

Henning Scholz, Europeana Network Developer and triathlete!

Henning says, ‘Being a palaeontologist by profession, I worked for the Natural History Museum in Berlin for the last 10 years, moving further and further away from pure scientific tasks in the later years. I’m now much more addicted to facilitating the sharing of scientific knowledge and cultural heritage rather than producing it myself. Therefore, I’m really happy to work for Europeana and coordinate the work of the Europeana Network, with the aim of turning the network into a movement.’

To balance the time he spends sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen, Henning does lots of race cycling and running, sometimes even takes part in triathlons. Henning says, ‘The nice thing about cycling is that it can trigger inspiration and bring up completely new ideas for life and work that can be nicely developed during a couple of hours on the bike. Of course, exploring the new country (The Netherlands) with my family is even more fun, and spending time in the large sandpit facing the North Sea will also be an important activity this summer!’

One thing Henning really likes about Europeana is the huge variety of content. For the last research project he did before he moved over to The Hague and Europeana, he was working in Koobi Fora, the cradle of mankind east of Lake Turkana in Kenya. Henning did research at the site where an important hominid was found (KNM-ER 1470) and you can find a reproduction of the skull in Europeana.

Cráneo, Hispana, Public Domain

Cráneo, Hispana, Public Domain

As mentioned above, Henning likes cycling a lot and is exciting to find lots of material about the Tour de France in Europeana, including historic images and videos but also more modern objects, like a video of Jan Ullrich chasing Lance Armstrong down the Col de Peyresourde in 2001.