89 Voices: fascinating first-hand accounts from 1989

89 Voices

The Europeana 1989 project kicked off with the first collection day in Warsaw, Poland, earlier this month. Many Warsovians came to the House of History to share the personal memories and belongings that paint a picture of what the changes in 1989 meant to them.

On the back of these collection days, we’re digging a little deeper to build a stronger personal connection between the different objects being shared and the stories being recorded.

Through 89 Voices, we’ve created an oral history and social engagement initiative that aims to record and preserve 89 fascinating first-hand accounts from individuals who experienced the fall of communism and the reunification of Europe. 89 Voices will interview 89 people who bring their objects and unique stories to collection days in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and the Baltic States.

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The 89 audio recordings will highlight personal historical information about individuals, families, important events, and everyday life during the revolutions of 1989. 89 Voices adds a new element to Europeana’s already successful collection days and strives to record valuable information from different perspectives that cannot be found in photographed objects or written sources.

Anna Misiewicz (32)Anna Misiewicz (32) from Warsaw talks about the objects she brought along to the Europeana 1989 collection day and the memories associated with them.

Click the play button to hear Anna’s story.

The project uses Tumblr and SoundCloud, and will continue until 2014, the 25th anniversary of the start of the revolutions of Eastern Europe.

Visit 89voices.eu and meet the people who experienced an extraordinary year.


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