Wear your hattitude!

written by Susan on July 28, 2014 in Europeana Fashion and Feature story with no comments
Girl in a Large Hat. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain

Girl in a Large Hat. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain

Hats are wonderful and tricky at the same time. What started out as a functional piece of clothing to protect the wearer from the sun and the wind, has moved on to a fashion accessory. They are still extremely useful. They feature in numerous idioms in the English language (hats off, I’ll eat my hat, if the cap fits etc), indicating how they were an integral part of a person’s outfit.
The hipster flat hat or sock-on-head look may be scoffed at by many today, but your headgear really tells people who you are. London milliner to royalty and other celebrities Philip Treacy said in an interview last year, ‘Not long ago, a hat was a conformist accessory. Then the 1960s came along and young people didn’t want to wear hats. Today, it’s rebels who wear hats. Hats have remained the same object but the meaning has changed.’
So go on, find your hattitude! Here’s some inspiration from Europeana to get you started.

All the sketches are from Amsterdam Museum, CC BY. The Girl in a Large Hat is from Rijksmuseum, Public Domain.