Europeana takes part in #MuseumWeek 2015

Today marks the beginning of #MuseumWeek, an event to celebrate culture on Twitter. Museums from all over the world will be tweeting about their collections or sharing fun facts with their followers. With this week-long event, Twitter aims to engage people with art and culture in a whole new way.


#MuseumWeek 2015 kicks off with #secretsMW. Museums and cultural establishments from all over the globe will welcome you to their everyday world and introduce you to the work that goes on behind the scenes… and perhaps even share a few well-kept secrets!

Other hashtags to follow this week are #souvenirsMW, #architectureMW, #inspirationMW, #familyMW, #favMW and #poseMW. You can view the full programme and hashtag explanations here.

Europeana will also take part in #MuseumWeek 2015. As we’re a purely digital organisation, we won’t be sharing photos of our building or souvenirs, but will focus on interesting content instead. Be sure to follow @EuropeanaEU on Twitter, or just keep an eye on the #MuseumWeek hashtag.

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