Europeana Radio – discover, listen and tag the music from Europeana Music Collections.

written by Aleksandra Strzelichowska on January 11, 2017 in Content with 4 comments

Europeana Radio gives you an easy access to Europe’s sound treasures, where you are free to browse, listen and tag.

Almost 200,000 tracks collected  from sound archives across 12 European countries  are now available on Europeana Radio. You can browse a wide range of sound recordings (Classical, Folk, Traditional and Popular music, Languages and dialects, Spoken-word, Soundscapes and Natural recordings), play them on random mode, and tag the musical genres recognised. The tagging feature means that all users can become archivists by tagging the musical genres of the recordings whilst listening to them. Give it a try! Here’s how:

On Thursday 12th January our #TagDayThursday initiative is starting. Join us, listen to Europeana Radio, discover and tag music. Share your discoveries and connect with us on social media using hashtag #TagDayThursday.