Behind the scenes

What is going on behind the scenes at Europeana.

A Europeana Migration Collection Day – how does it work?

Our collection day events are a great opportunity to share your migration story. Sharing your story, or the story of your family or community, means it is recorded for posterity and preserved along with the collections of museums, galleries, libraries and archives from across Europe. This helps us to tell a really big story – the […]

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Galleries – a new way to explore Europeana Collections

With more than 54 millions objects to find in Europeana Collections, there’s a lot to explore. We regularly feature the stories of these objects – whether paintings, photographs, text, music or video – here on our blog and in our exhibitions. Today, we’re launching a new way to explore on Europeana Collections: galleries. Galleries present […]

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3D model of burial tomb

Exploring 3D on Europeana with Sketchfab

We’re excited to announce a new way to explore cultural heritage in 3D on Europeana Collections using Sketchfab. 3D is a growing and exciting new way to discover cultural heritage online. Europeana Collections aims to continue to innovate to provide you with direct access to cultural heritage whenever possible. With some of our cultural heritage […]

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2016: Top 20 searches on Europeana

2016 is nearly at an end, but before we say farewell, let’s look at what you’ve been searching for this year in Europeana Collections. Since January, we’ve seen millions of searches in Europeana Collections from all over the world. There are now more than 54 million artworks, objects, books, sounds and videos to be found, […]

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2015: Top 20 searches on Europeana

2015’s nearly over, but before we say farewell, let’s look at what you’ve been searching for this year in Europeana’s collections. Since January, millions of searches have been typed into Europeana, and from all over the world. There are over 45 million artworks, objects, books, sounds and videos in Europeana, each from one of over […]

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Field recording Irish traditional music

Today we have a guest post by Maeve Gebruers, Printed Materials Officer at Irish Traditional Music Archive. It was first published on Europeana Sounds blog on August 12, 2015. As well as collecting the contemporary and historic materials of Irish traditional music published by others, the Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) has, for the past twenty-three years, operated […]

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2014: Top 20 Searches on Europeana

So this year is almost over and now we’re ready to ask – what were you all looking for on Europeana this year? Millions of you from the four the corners of the globe visited in 2014 to search, browse and share over 36 million historical records from over 2,300 of Europe’s memory institutions… but […]

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Documenting the Great War: behind the scenes at a ’14-’18 community collection day

On Europeana1914-1918 you can find thousands of stories and digitied photos, diaries and objects from the time of the Great War. These stories are gathered during the so-called community collection days, which are organised throughout Europe. During these days, citizens are invited to have their stories written down and objects digitised by professional archivists. This […]

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