Here be dragons

Dragons have played the role of bad guy in many a Western folk story or legend. They’ve been part of our literature and folklore as far back as we can remember (there’s one in Beowulf), and are still pervasive in our culture today. You probably heard the story about St George slaying a dragon. But […]

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Marco Polo – the man who brought China to Europe

Italian explorer Marco Polo was born on 15th September 1254 and died on the 8th or 9th January 1324. We’re not sure which because in Venetian law the day ends at sunset not midnight, so we only know he died more or less on this day 690 years ago. ‘Roma – Dettaglio del ritratto di […]

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Read Like Royalty: Precious Manuscript Exhibition

Originally the prized possessions of royalty, 34 of the most significant illuminated manuscripts from the libraries of Carolingian Emperors, French King Charles V and the Aragonese Kings of Naples are now available in stunning detail online. This new virtual exhibition is called Manuscripts and Princes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe. ‘Anthology of travel literature and […]

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