Iberian iconography and ritual

In last week’s blog The history of the Iberians, we gave a high-level overview of the Iberian peoples. Today, we focus on the iconography shown in Iberian art and objects from archaeological research, and what it says about the social structures, beliefs, and myths of the Iberians.

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The history of the Iberians

1 Archaeological research provides us with a broad overview of the past life of cultures and communities. One such culture that has seen extensive archaeological study is the Iberians.

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New archaeological content on Europeana

Over 800,000 records for archaeological monuments and sites are now available on Europeana. The material that ranges from rune stones and tombs to dwellings and archaeological sites is provided by the Swedish National Heritage Board through CARARE, the project that brings archaeological content to Europeana. The records on Europeana are in text format and contain […]

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