César Franck: the “Pater Seraphicus” of modern French music

On this International Migrants’ Day, Sofie Taes, musicologist & co-curator of the Europeana Photography Collection for PHOTOCONSORTIUM/KU Leuven, zooms in on the life and work of a brave Belgian who altered the course of French music history.   In the twilight of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), in which it led significant losses against Germany, France explored […]

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The song legacy of Scottish-Irish Migration

Among the great many cultural connections between Ireland and Scotland, the mutual influence of each nation’s musical and singing traditions on the other is perhaps one of the most interesting. As a case in point, below are some archival examples which point to the legacy of people travelling back and forward between the two countries, […]

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Bit of family history on Europeana

Robert Bertsch, a retired teacher, was amazed to discover an important part of his family history on Europeana. He found video footage capturing the arrival of his family in The Netherlands in 1958. Robert who was 10 then, together with his parents and two brothers had to leave Indonesia abruptly in 1957.  He remembers his […]

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