abstract painting showing a number of portraits of a man overlaid with images of paper and writing

Writing in exile: Hungarian authors in Paris and Berlin

Exploring the lives and works of Endre Ady, Gyula Illyés and Sándor Márai

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painting of a lighthouse overlooking a port

The Lanterna of Genoa, the oldest lighthouse in Europe

The lighthouse of Genoa, called Lanterna, is a symbol for the city and the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean Sea.

This blog looks at lanterns, lenses and technical instruments to show the workings of the lighthouse and its evolution over time.

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colour photograph of the entrance to a stadium with the Olympic rings and flags flying

Lonkero: the Finnish long drinks invented for the 1952 Olympics

Lonkero is a type of drink invented for a sporting ocasion – the 1952 Olympic Games held in Helsinki.

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Processing trauma on screen: the Polish Film School

Let’s take a peek on how social changes of the 20th century have been reflected on pellicule.

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Foreign findings: Italian archaeologists in the Dodecanese islands

Read about the prominent influence that Italian archeologists had in the local history and heritage of Dodecanese islands.

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Meet the Great Belzoni, the Italian Indiana Jones, and other Egyptology pioneers

Learn about the Italian Egyptology pioneers: Ippolito Rosellini, Giuseppe Angelelli, and the impressively named Giovanni Battista Belzoni.

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weather chart map of Europe

How’s the weather? Words across Europe to describe weather

Looking at words and phrases used in languages across Europe to describe weather

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brooch in green-ish metal with two large circular spirals

Highlights of the Hunt Museum: Irish and international archaeology collections

Archaeological highlights from The Hunt Museum’s collections of antiquities, fine and decorative art.

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colourful image showing town in background, behind a bay and a palm tree

Vintage Ibiza: Discover the ‘white island’ before tourism

Explore vintage photographs of the Spanish island, Ibiza from the early 20th century

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man wearing boxing gloves and helmet

Max Schmeling: the first German world heavyweight boxing champion

German boxer Max Schmeling was world heavyweight boxing champion of the world in the 1930s.

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