woman and child looking out of circular window

Migration through the eyes of the Israel Museum

With the mass movements of the Jewish diaspora to Israel from Europe and beyond, familes brought their stories, trinkets, customs and photographs. This blog presents a selection of photographs from The Israel Museum that points to the stories of migration from Europe and other places.

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six figures wearing folk carnival costumes and wooden masks

Busó-walking of Mohács: the Hungarian carnival banishing winter

Hungary’s oldest and most famous carnival tradition – ‘Busó-walking’ in Mohács starts today, with around 1000 people taking part. Explore this custom and tradition in this blog.

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Who was Saint Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February every year, when people show affection for others by sending flowers, cards or chocolates with messages of love. But who was Saint Valentine? Today we explore the myths and reality of this famous figure. Saint Valentine was a 3rd century Christian martyr, officially recognised by the Roman Catholic […]

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illustration of archive boxes with words Cork LGBT Archive

Exploring histories of Cork’s LGBT communities in the Cork LGBT Archive

The Cork LGBT Archive preserves and shares the rich history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Cork, Ireland’s second city and largest county.

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collage image showing text 'Crowd Heritage Contribute to our culture!'

Join in with CrowdHeritage campaigns and contribute to culture

CrowdHeritage is an open platform available in three languages (English, French, Italian), where everybody – including you – can contribute to improve the information about cultural heritage institutions’ collections.

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Folk Greek bridal gowns: the evolution of Greek bridal couture

Bridal dresses in traditional Greek culture are colorful, rich and vary a lot, depending on the region, the climate, available sources for textiles, as well as local traditions. This blog looks at the symbolism of clothing and jewellery in traditional Greek bridal dresses.

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illustration portrait of a man

Pythagoras, mathematician and philosopher

Many of us know Pythagoras’ theory, but how many of us know the story of the man behind the theory? This blog looks at the biography of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

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painting of a tree, coloured a bright red against a blue background

Inspiring movement: Piet Mondrian, painting and migration

Piet Mondrian is a celebrated Dutch artist, a pioneer of 20th century abstract art who lived in the Netherlands, Paris, London and New York. This blog will look at the life of Piet Mondrian with a special focus on his migration and his artworks.

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group of people holding signs

8 things you should know about Chinese New Year

Eight facts to help you better understand the large annual festival of Chinese New Year, illustrated with cultural heritage objects from across Europe, reflecting the movement of Chinese people and culture acorss the world.

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landscape painting showing a tree on a mountain in front of a lake

Eero Järnefelt, painter of Finnish nature

Finnish painter Eero Järnefelt was inspired by nature. Over his artistic career of more than 60 years, many of paintings depict details of nature and weather in particular in Finland.

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man standing by a stile looking sad

Laments and longing: folk music and emigration

Migration and music are intrinsically linked, mirroring the movement of people from place to place and country to country. This blog looks at how folk music has reflected migration, introducing examples from Ireland, Greece and Portugal.

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collage image with Napoleon and Brigitte Bardot riding a horse

Transform audiovisual cultural heritage and enter the 2020 Mashup Film Festival

Combine and transform audiovisual cultural heritage material available online to create new mashup films for The Mashup Film Festival.

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black and white photograph from above of a crowded courtroom

True crime: policing and punishment in Belle Époque France

From crimes of passion and criminal gangs, explore these true crime stories about trials and criminals in early 20th century France

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two side by side images showing buildings in a city

Take a city trip to Galway and Rijeka, European Capitals of Culture 2020

Galway, in Ireland, and Rijeka, in Croatia, are the European Capitals of Culture for 2020. Let’s take a tour of both cities illustrated with digitised cultural heritage collections from around Europe and discover some interesting connections.

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Louis Braille and the braille alphabet

Developed in the 19th century by Louis Braille, braille is a writing system used by people with visual impairments. This blog explores a number of objects relating to braille found in museums, libraries and archives’ collections across Europe.

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group of people starting a swimming race

A Christmas swim: the Copa Nadal race in Barcelona

The Copa Nadal (Christmas Cup) is a Christmas Day swimming competition in which swimmers race 200 metres in the Old Port of Barcelona.

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