And the Kindle winners are…

In the last two months we ran a competition “What are your favourite items on Europeana?”.  To have a chance of winning 1 of 3 Kindles,  we asked you to submit links to the items you like the most on Europeana and briefly explain why these are your favourite.

We received a huge amount of truly amazing items, from books to film, from postcards to audio files. We also greatly enjoyed finding out why the items are so special to you. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful contributions!

Without further ado, here are the three winners:

Isabelle Kargon

“Saggi di naturali esperienze: parce que ce livre présente 10 ans de recherche scientifique au XVIIeme siècle et que j’ai eu le livre enttre les mains lors de mon travail”

Marta Manfioletti

“I performed this music last week! Thanks Europeana for providing free music sheet of such a beautiful music”

Eva van Passel

In my opinion, Europeana is all about discovery and serendipity. So I started by searching my own first name (I wonder if other people do this too?), then I narrowed it down by selecting results from a random country (Austria; even though I’m Belgian), and immediately a wonderfully bizarre black and white negative caught my eye. I am especially enchanted by the adult hands at the very edges of the photo, almost trying to be invisible while keeping the bike upright. I searched and browsed for many more items after that, but this remains my favourite

Congratulations to Isabelle, Marta and Eva!  We will get in touch with you shortly.

We’ve had so many fantastic items submitted that we’ll feature them on upcoming blog posts, so watch out for yours!

6 thoughts on “And the Kindle winners are…

  1. Thank you so much, Europeana! I cannot wait to try my new Kindle. Please let me know how to receive this wonderful prize!


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