Virtual Exhibition Launches Next Week

Next week will see the launch of a new virtual exhibition on Europeana. We are pleased to make available an exhibition provided by the Jewish Historical Museum (JHM). What makes this virtual exhibition so exciting is that it unveils some of the works in the unique exhibition From Dada to Surrealism: Jewish Avant-Garde Artists from Romania, 1910-1938 running from June 1 until October 2, 2011, in the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam.

The exhibition shows more than seventy works of art from the period 1910 -1938. The majority of the works have never been on display before in the Netherlands, or anywhere outside Romania.  You can view a selection of these works in the virtual exhibition on Europeana.


The virtual exhibition will launch in English and Dutch, and will soon be available in more languages. Exciting new features include a zooming option, allowing you to view incredible details in the images. It is also produced in a new style, meaning that the art nouveau exhibition already available on Europeana will undergo a makeover. After this exhibition, the next virtual exhibition to launch is from the Jewish Museum London (JML). View one of our previous blog posts about our visit to the JML earlier this month.

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