Now, brush your teeth!

New content on Europeana includes these charming advisory illustrations which warn people to get plenty of fresh air, brush their teeth and eat healthily to help ward off tuberculosis. These postcards are from the Východočeské muzeum v Pardubicích in the Czech Republic. They are the work of Czech painter Marie Fischerová Kvěchová, who now has many works on Europeana.




These postcards were provided by Europeana Local, a project which brings items from local and regional libraries, museums, archives and audio-visual archives to Europeana. If you’d like to see new content that has arrived on Europeana, you can check the new content section of the website.

3 thoughts on “Now, brush your teeth!

  1. I presume these postcards are for children. And I don’t think many children will pay much attention to them. There’s no action, bright colours etc.

  2. Yeah, I the pictures aren’t clear and you can’t even clearly see the woman brushing her teeth cause it’s a small picture.

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