Greetings from Hamburg

On this day in 1960, The Beatles gave their first public performance in Keiserkeller in Hamburg. Let’s see some of the places in Hamburg that fascinated the legendary four.
The Beatles

St. Pauli

This vibrant quarter of Hamburg is full of clubs, pubs and bars. It’s also the place where the night club Keiserkeller is located.
Postcard depicting St. Pauli, Hamburg


Michel or St. Michaelis church is one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Northern Germany. Its 132 meter-high spire completely covered with copper is a landmark of the city.
St. Michaelis church, Hamburg


Speicherstadt (literally city of warehouses) is a popular tourist sight. Its remarkable red-brick buildings host various museums, but they also still perform their main function storing goods like cocoa, tea, coffee and spices.
Photograph of the Speicherstadt, Hamburg


The hundred-year-old fish auction hall is a must-see for anyone visiting Hamburg. And so is the traditional market that is taking place in front of the hall. There you can find everything from the dusty porcelain jug to a rubber duck.
Photograph of the Fischmarkt auction hall, Hamburg


The city hall built in neo-renaissance style is one of the few completely preserved historical buildings in Hamburg. Designed by a group of seven architects and constructed from 1886 to 1897, the Rathaus is located in the very heart of the city, near the lake Binnenalster.
Town hall, Hamburg

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