Madonna turns 53

No, we are not talking about the Madonna, the mother of Jesus. This is about Madonna, the great singer, actress and enterpreneur… and yes, the mother of Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy.








Madonna is recognized as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all times by the Guinness World Records. Her songs have been dominating music charts worldwide for over thirty years already. And although “Madonna’s contribution to the film world can, at best, be described as forgettable”, as CNN puts it, she has a Golden Globe best actress award for her role in Evita.







She’s been challenging and provocative. Explicit scenes in her videos have been causing stir around the world. For example, the Vatican condemned Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and MTV banned the video of “Justify My Love” from the network.

But still nothing could daunt her success. Now, celebrating her 53d birthday, Madonna is as active as ever.  Busy with charity work, she’s been raising awareness about orphans in Malawi and helping improve their living conditions.











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