Illustrations by Arthur Rackham

The great English book illustrator Arthur Rackham was born on 19 September 1867 in London.

Illustrations from La Belle au Bois dormant, page 9
Rackham was a member of The Royal Watercolour Society   and the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts, and Master of the Art Workers’ Guild.  His works were awarded gold medals at the Milan International Exhibition (1906) and the Barcelona International Exhibition (1912), and were displayed in numerous exhibitions across Europe.

Illustrations from La Belle au Bois dormant, page 15

One of his techniques resembled photographic reproduction, where he first sketched an outline, and then filled it with elaborate details and colour. He was also famous for his use of the silhouette cuts.

Rackham's Caricarure de Jack Sprat et de sa femme


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