Audiovisual Heritage: See, Hear and Learn

EUscreen, the project that will make Europe’s television heritage available on Europeana, has recently launched its portal. This was timed for the 5th anniversary of the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage celebrated yesterday, 27 October.

With the rapid ageing of films, sound recordings and television material, these invaluable resources are frequently lost due to neglect, deterioration and outdated technology. This is why since 2007, this day promoted by UNESCO intends to bring public awareness to the importance of image and audio preservation.

Chantons during the German occupation during the World War II

Chantons sous l’occupation

This year’s theme is “Audiovisual Heritage: See, Hear and Learn”.  In line with this theme, we also invite you to see, hear and learn with audio-visual collections on Europeana that capture historical moments from the beginning of the 20th century as well as interesting and unusual stories about ordinary people and their daily lives.

Story about shipwrecks in the north east coast of England

This is a story about a diver and his encounters with shipwrecks in the north east coast of England

You can also listen to our vast collection of sound recordings. Here is a good example of French Renaissance vocal music in a recording made in 1952



That was just a glimpse into our audiovisual collections, so see, hear and learn more with Europeana!

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