Europeana Remix: Making of the Film

Luisa Arndt, a young woman around whom the storyline of Europeana Remix evolves, shares her experience from the film shoot:Luisa Arndt

“I was excited to take part in the project, to meet new people and to visit the different locations of the shoots, such as Oxford, Bermingham and St. Omer.”

“Right from the beginning we were a great team. We complemented each other and had a lot of fun. This made it possible to make that long trip and shoot a good video within such a small timeframe.”

“The last day, when we were running out of time because of our return flights, all of us were quite stressed as we were still missing an important shoot. Consequently, we shot the missing airport scene just right there in the forest of St. Omer.”

And although the airport scene is staged, the rest of the film isn’t. It’s about real places and real people.

Luisa Arndt, for example, is a graduate student at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. Otto Arndt and Bernard Darley were lifelong friends, whose unlikely friendship during the Great War has become an inspirational story showing the human side of the war. Bernard Darley

“I like the idea of the project Europeana 1914-1918 and I’m happy to support it with my participation in that video. I think it’s very useful to make historical documents accessible to people. This way, young people can find out more about the past and maybe even about their ancestors”, Luisa added.

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