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Europeana is currently undergoing a makeover, and we’d like to show you some of the changes that you will see in the near future. A lot of these changes are based on the feedback we’ve received from you, our users, since we first launched in 2008.

Europeana's home page

Europeana’s home page.

The portal splash page is probably where you’ll see the biggest difference.  Based on your feedback we want this page to come alive and showcase themed and curated content, our dialogue and engagement with our users and special campaigns like our project The First World War in everyday documents. Search will still be in the centre though and the search box present on all portal pages. Since so few of you were actually using Advanced search we’ve decided to remove it.

Europeana's search results page

Europeana’s search results page.

The results page won’t change very much. We’ll clean up the design a bit and make the thumbnails more prominent with text information appearing when you hover your mouse cursor over an item.  Liking, +1 and Tweeting results will be more prominent and convenient.

Europeana's item display page

Europeana’s item display page.

When you look at one item you’ll see some changes as well. The layout will change with the image preview prominently on the upper left and its directly associated descriptions below. In the middle column we’ll show the basic information about the item like its creator, what date it’s from, where it’s from, which subjects it’s relevant to and a free text description. Many of the values in this display are now “clickable” – so if you’d like to see all the works by the Japanese printmaker Hokusai you can just click his name and you’ll see all we have by him. On the right hand side you’ll find all the actions you can take on this item: share it online, translate its description, or copy it on to your webpage. At the bottom of the page you’ll find more items similar to the one you’re looking at, just browse and click.

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