Europeana’s 20 millionth item

This autumn, Europeana’s content reached 20 million items, increasing the content ten-fold since its initial launch in 2008. The 20 millionth item is a painting of the Biblical story of David and Goliath painted by the celebrated Caravaggio in 1600-1601. Caravaggio worked predominantly on Christian themes, linking the sacred and the profane by giving his Biblical characters a raw authenticity and physical presence.

Painting by Caravaggio 'David and Goliath'

David and Goliath is part of the collections provided to Europeana by Kulturpool that brings content into Europeana from Austria. Its recently added collections also include various artefacts from ancient Egypt, ranging from toiletry items to kitchen utensils.

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*Kulturpool was developed by uma information technology GmbH based on Melvil® semantic web engine.

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