Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Love… Such a grand word in so few letters. This profound emotion has played an important role in shaping our cultural and scientific heritage. It has influenced everyone from the greatest conquerors to common men, from visionary artists to ingenious scientists. Discover beautiful love stories to share with your Valentine!

Valentine card

Romeo and Juliet
The story of the two young lovers is one of the most famous love stories around the world. Based on an Italian tale and written by William Shakespeare as a play, Romeo and Juliet has been told in form of music, dance and fine art. Search on Europeana and see the story unfold in paintings, writings, operas and film.

Romeo et Juliette


Napoleon and Josephine
Despite their turbulent marriage and later divorce, Napoleon and Josephine continued to love each other till death did them part. His last word before he died was “Josephine”. Check out the confidential correspondence of Napoleon and Josephine, where, according to historian John S.C. Abbott, “his heart is revealed with all its intense and glowing affections”.

Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon and the Empress Josephine

Marie and Pierre Curie
Another legendary couple is Marie and Pierre Curie. Together they discovered polonium and radium, and were awarded the Nobel prize for physics in 1903. After the death of her husband, Marie Curie continued to carry out research driven by the memory of Pierre, and received another Nobel prize for chemistry in 1911. Take a look at some of their works, which were inspired by their love.

Marie and Pierre Curie (centre)

Have a look on Europeana to discover interesting love stories and have a splendid Valentine’s day!

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