New Feature: Image Lightbox Display

We have made an improvement to the Europeana portal with the addition of a lightbox display for images. This new feature significantly improves the experience for users when browsing images.

Thanks to this update you can now view the larger version of a thumbnail image while on the same page. This feature is only applicable to items that previously linked thumbnails directly to an image file. This is a great change as the old solution left users only able to view the larger image without any attribution to the provider or licencing information.

New Feature: Image Lightbox Display

The display of the image and metadata within the lightbox depends on the proportion of the image, which adapts dynamically and displays the provider and rights information below or to the right of the image. Also embedded within the lightbox are social media buttons, making it possible for you to share the image without leaving the lightbox display.

Browse through the Europeana 1914-1918 collection and try out this new feature for yourself.


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