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“Where are the items from your search results located?” and “How many of them are near you?” – just a couple of the questions we can now answer thanks to one of the latest enhancements to the Europeana portal. The development department at Europeana have been working hard on a new interactive search and display feature that enables you to locate and preview search results on a map.

The map is automatically populated with the first 1,000 results from a search query and distributes them on a multi-layered map (OpenStreetMap, Google Physical, Google Street, Google Hybrid, and Google Satellite). Items are represented by purple circles, the higher the amount of results per area, the bigger the circle. Clusters of circles are distributed furher and more accuratly as users zoom in on areas and regions of interest. When you click on a circle, an overlay opens with a list of all the records for that specific location, displaying titles and geographic coordinates for each item. You can browse the results without leaving the overlay and access records with a full page display by clicking the title. The map is touch and swipe sensitive so it is possible to interact  with the new map from devices such as the iPad and Android tablets.

Individual items are positioned based on their location coordinates. At this stage not all objects have geo coordinates, but we are constantly adding new items and working with our content providers to further enrich existing records. You can access the map by clicking the globe icon  at the top left-hand corner after searching, or alternatively open it directly under ”Explore” in the top menu. To get started exploring this new feature, you can use the suggested search terms below (if you experience any issues when searching, you may need to clear your browser cache in order for the updates to take effect):

We are very excited to bring Europeana items closer to our users and we would love to hear what you think of the new map search and display. This is the first of a number of features we will be sharing with you in the coming week, so stay tuned to the Europeana blog for upcoming feature releases.

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