Pinterest Collaboration: Biblioteca de Catalunya

Back in March of this year we blogged about Pinterest and its potential for GLAMs (galleries, archives, and museums) – touching on how its visual bookmarking features can be utilised for digital curation. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting” via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing.

Biblioteca de Catalunya

Together with the Biblioteca de Catalunya and a number of other Europeana Network members we have begun exploring that potential, especially experimenting with the idea of Pinterest as a platform for digital curation.

To get started on this end user engagement initiative, the Biblioteca de Catalunya have helped us make a selection from their collections around the following themes;

Barcelona of the Past

Barcelona of the Past

Collection of photographs that create a unique visual study of Barcelona during the early 20th century (1913-1926), highlighting the works of Catalan photographer Josep Salvany i Blanch, and Catalan painter and amateur photographer Josep Mompou.

History in Posters

History in Posters

A colourful collection of posters that promote a range of things from sports to politics, advertisements and cultural events – giving a unique visual insight into the history of Spain during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Literature Classics

The Biblioteca de Catalunya  made a selection of some of the biggest works in literature, both originals and translations from the likes of Verne, Shakespeare, Bocaccio, Dante, Goethe, Maragall, Llull, Verdaguer, Cervantes, Carroll, and Fielding.

We invite you to follow these boards – they will be updated in the following weeks with new content. Also stay tuned to the Europeana blog – in the coming days we will be announcing new Pinterest collaborations with other partners.

The mission of the Library of Catalonia is to collect, preserve, and spread Catalonian bibliographic production and that related to the Catalonian linguistic area, to look after its conservation, and to spread its bibliographic heritage while maintaining the status of a centre for research and consultation. To learn more visit

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  1. A truly fascinating collaboration!
    Thanks very much for sharing – I’ll dig deeper into the collections.
    Best regards from Berlin,

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