Beatles Day: The Fab Four on Europeana

10th July is Beatles Day, a celebration of the Beatles‘ triumphant return to Liverpool from their 1964 US tour, just in time for the premiere of their film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ at the Odeon Cinema. This day is considered one of the landmarks in their long and winding road to fame. Since 2008, its anniversary has been celebrated as Beatles Day in both Liverpool and Hamburg, the cities where the Fab Four laid the foundations for their stardom.

The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club, one of the Beatles’ most famous venues.

Image by George M Goutas, available under a  
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

Despite only being together for seven years, the Beatles took the world by storm, working eight days a week, travelling here, there and everywhere, and fast becoming one of the most commercially successful, critically acclaimed and influential pop groups in history.

Europeana contains a variety of Beatles information, including lots of audio-visual content. There are over 100 videos from the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, including footage of the hysteria of a 1965 New York concert at which fans twist and shout so much the band cannot be heard, a French news broadcast announcing the separation that marked the end of the group’s time together, a post-Beatles interview with John Lennon, and news of the 1994 launch of the double CD, ‘Live at the BBC’.

Photographs from the Dutch National Archive include stills from the set of the film ‘Help!’, and snaps from one of the group’s visits to the Netherlands.

Audio-wise, there’s a Spanish programme from Radio Castellón Cadena SER dedicated to the Beatles, a Beatles for Babies album, and many covers of Beatles songs by other artists, including ‘Mozart meets the Beatles’ by  St Martin’s Symphony of Los Angeles.

On a more academic level, there are works from paperback writers such as a thesis on the economic value of the Beatles to a declining Liverpool, and a study about rock music and youth culture.

And if you’re just not into the Beatles the band, there’s always info available on Europeana about beetles the insects, so come and get it!


Image from the Rijksmuseum – Public Domain.

3 thoughts on “Beatles Day: The Fab Four on Europeana

  1. I’m probably not the first to note that the Beatles were together for over 10 years from the Lennon/Harrison/Sutcliffe/Best lineup of 1960 to McCartney’s request for legal dissolution of the partnership on 31 Dec. 1970.

    Aside from that, I’m looking forward to seeing the goodies you’ve posted!

  2. A little poem about the Fabulous Four:


    This wonderful English Group
    Was better than all of YouTube.
    They created a brand-new sound,
    A modern guitar style was found.
    John,Paul,George and Ringo
    Started their glorious Show.

    Four nice boys from Liverpool,
    Always smart and very cool;
    Became heroes in Great Britain
    With titles they’ve brilliant written;
    From “Please,please me” to “Let it be”
    Music in perfect harmony.

    They dominated the global Charts,
    Till today they take to our hearts.
    The songs are heard around the earth
    By old Hippies just as young Nerds.
    Their music will be forever,
    The Fab Four we’ll forget never.

    Rainer Kirmse , Altenburg / Thuringia | Germany

    With kind regards

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