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Wiki Loves Monuments is back and it’s now the biggest international photograph competition in the world! WLM 2012 is organised by Wikimedia and aims to produce a pool of freely licensed pictures of monuments from all over the world. By taking part in the competition participants will help enrich Wikipedia articles on cultural heritage, data which can also be re-used everywhere on the web.

Participating countries – Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 – (CC0)

Anyone can get involved: readers and users of Wikipedia, photographers, hobbyists, etc. Every participating country has a jury that will decide on the best picture and award prizes. Moreover the best ten pictures from each country will entered in to an international contest, with the first prize being a trip to Hong Kong!

Again this year, Europeana is an official partner of Wiki Loves Monuments. We’ll have a special category within the contest entitled; ‘GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums)’. Participants who enter our category and photograph a gallery, library, archive or museum will automatically nominate their work for an upcoming exhibition from Europeana, especially dedicated to GLAM monuments.

Pavilion of the Louvre, Paris – Rijksmuseum (Public Domain).
The Pavillon de l’Horloge, in the Cour Carrée du Louvre, Paris – Tangopaso (CC-by-SA).

To make sure you are part of this opportunity tag your uploaded photos with #GLAM or #Europeana and add a comment to your photo with a brief description of your entry – for example, what inspired you? In addition to the exhibition, we will be rewarding the best overall photograph and the best GLAM monument photograph with a large scale print of their entry on a gorgeous aluminium sheet.

You can read over the participation rules on the Wiki Loves Monuments website. Also the volunteers of the Wikimedia community have been working hard to make this competition as accessible as possible. They have created an android app and also a very useful map of monument locations. Click here to learn more about participating and here you will find the upload page where you will need to tag your entries with either #GLAM or #Europeana.

The WLM contest is open throughout the month of September. In the beginning of 2013, Europeana will launch the exhibition on WLM & GLAM monuments. Good luck and we look forward to seeing all your entries!


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  1. Ich weiß nicht wer die deutsche Seite übersetzt hat. War es Google, dann ist er ja gottseidank nie eine Konkurrenz für Wikipedia. Waren es jedoch Autoren, dann sollte man die Seite besser schließen.

  2. Gutten Tag Karl, Heinz,

    correct, our blogposts are translated via Google, a machine translation. Unfortunately we dont have the resources to translate every blog post into different languages. I hope you did find the information you needed, let me know if there is something I can help you with.

  3. Unfortunately I never found the price or the prices, which are can win in this competition. Perhaps I get an answer and the question will not removed. reg. Karl

  4. Okay prize not price 😉 – but where I can find an specia Europeana prize? – the WLM are clear from side of wikipedia regards Karl

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