Nobel Prizes 2012: Literature

The winners of the 2012 Nobel prizes are being announced this week. So each day, we’re looking to see what Nobel-related content we have in Europeana.

Today, we congratulate Mo Yan on winning the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature. Follow @NobelPrize_org on Twitter for the latest info! However, if you’re wondering who the first winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature was – the answer is: Sully Prudhomme.

Prudhomme was a French poet and essayist linked to the Parnassus School of literature which was partially a reaction to the sentimentality and social activism of the Romantic movement. The Parnassians believed in ‘art for art’s sake’.  Prudhomme, whose works are available on Europeana, dedicated his prize money from his Nobel Prize to found a literature prize of his own through the Société des gens de lettres. You can also read some of his early poetry below (you will need a Flash plug-in for your browser).


Some other literature laureates whose works are available through Europeana:

You can see the list of all literature laureates on the Official Website of the Nobel Prize. Who is your favourite?

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