Preview Playtime: Europeana on your mobile

This is our first ‘Highlight Wednesday’ – each week we’ll be highlighting a new feature or aspect of the new Europeana portal.

Yesterday, we launched a preview of our new portal. It’s now easier for you to access Europeana because the new portal is responsive, automatically adapting to a range of different devices and screen sizes. So whether you’re using a touch screen smartphone or a large desktop, the portal will tailor its presentation so it always looks great. As more and more of you are accessing Europeana from more than one device, we think it’s important that your experience is consistent whatever you’re using.

So, over the next few weeks, we are inviting you to access from your mobile and tablet devices. We want to know what you think: from readability to performance, how can we make further improvements?

Our development team has been working hard to optimise Europeana across all devices, therefore please remember that is a work in progress and it’s currently  in a testing phase. Ultimately, we want to roll this out for use across the board so that you get the best possible Europeana experience, no matter what your digital device of choice.

So, play with the preview and stay tuned to this blog; we’ll be gathering your feedback this Friday…

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