Month: January 2013

Schubert, almond blossom and Bloody Sunday

You might think that there can’t be anything that links Schubert to almond blossom and Bloody Sunday – the day 13 Irish demonstrators were shot dead in Derry. But there is. The thread that holds them all together is today’s date – 31 January. Another link is that you can discover more about all three […]

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Francis Bacon, Shakespeare and Secret Societies

Sir Francis Bacon, first Viscount of St Albans,  was born on 22 January 1561. He is well-known for his contribution to science. In fact, science and research is what it is today because of Bacon. The methodology of science and research, something we may not even think about as having an origin, of ever not […]

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Capturing Imagination: Europeana Fashion Thesaurus

Today, Nacha Van Steen at Europeana Fashion partner Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, tells us about one of the technical challenges the project is facing – how to represent the world of fashion digitally so that you can explore it easily. What springs to mind when I say ‘fashion’? Exactly, an immense […]

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Are you a Europioneer?

Are you a technical entrepreneur? If so, you could win the title of ‘Europioneer’ in a new series of awards. The European Commission presents Europioneers, an initiative to celebrate Europe’s finest technology entrepreneurs. Supported by The Next Web, this prestigious technology award will be handed out to Europe’s Tech Entrepreneur of the Year. The awards […]

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Cicero: greatness and a grisly end

January 3rd marks the anniversary of the birth in 106BC of a man called Marcus Tullius Cicero. I have to admit that prior to today, I had only heard the word Cicero mentioned in the context of the song ‘Cell Block Tango’ from the musical Chicago. In the song, though, it refers to the city Cicero, […]

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Fashion is coming to Europeana

Today, we are pleased to present a guest blog post from Europeana Fashion. Read on to find out what the project is all about… Europeana Fashion is creating a source of inspiration and reference for those in the creative field, a treasure chest of rich and reliable information for fashion academics and an extremely comprehensive […]

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