Do you Love Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau digitisation campaign launches on Valentine’s Day

Do you Love Art Nouveau? Will you be in the UK over the next week? If so, you will love a new campaign brought to you by the Collections Trust and being launched, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day.

Love Art Nouveau is a crowd-sourced campaign to encourage people across the UK to find local Art Nouveau architecture and ‘digitise’ it for Europeana.

From 14 February for a week, people will be encouraged to take digital images of Art Nouveau architecture and upload it to a dedicated online Flickr image-sharing platform. The images will then be displayed on Europeana to help bring the UK’s Art Nouveau heritage to an international audience. So if you’re an Art Nouveau lover but you can’t take part, don’t worry, you can still explore the results, first on Flickr, and then ultimately on Europeana.

If you’re impatient and can’t wait that long for your Art Nouveau fix, then explore Europeana’s Art Nouveau collections right now, or check out our Art Nouveau and Wiki Loves Art Nouveau virtual exhibitions.

Take part

Participants need to follow six simple steps to start sharing their images:

1. Find local Art Nouveau architecture using Google Maps.

2. Go to the building with a digital camera or smartphone.

3. Take a photo of the building and any of its exterior Art Nouveau features.

4. Create an email, put the image’s name in the subject line, then add location and information about the item in the body of the message.

5. Email the image to ensuring e-mail footers are removed from the message.

6. Visit  Flickr to see the image and explore the collection!

More information

More information is available on Facebook, and on Twitter at #loveartnouveau.

This campaign is part of Partage Plus, a project which is being co-ordinated by Collections Trust. Its purpose is to digitise 75,000 Art Nouveau objects from 23 European countries and create 2,000 3D models.  Partage Plus is a 24-month project which started in March 2012, and is funded by the ICT Policy Support Programme of the European Commission. More information is available at


3 thoughts on “Do you Love Art Nouveau?

  1. This is an excellent project which combines meaningful use of digital tools and social media, I would suggest that we encourage participants to use Creative Commons Licences their Art Nouveau images. It is good to see some are already doing this. (BY SA is best but – whatever a user feels most comfortable with would be welcomed).

    Furthermore, in the light of EU emphasis on open data and that the Partage Plus is funded by the ICT Policy Support Programme of the European Commission, making the collection hosted on the site available with a Creative Commons licence this would return real value for the citizens of the EU.

  2. Hi Beth,
    thanks very much for sharing this article on a very interesting project!
    I do hope that europana will continue to initiate and promote similar projects in the future.

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