International Winners of Wiki Loves Public Art 2013

Over the past few months, we’ve been charting the progress of the Wiki Loves Public Art photo competition. Now we can announce the winners!

The contest took place in Austria, Finland, Israel, Spain and Sweden. All in all, more than 9,250 images were uploaded by 225 entrants, of which 57 percent were first time contributors to Wikimedia Commons. All five participating countries had the opportunity to nominate 10 photos to the international contest. The international jury consisted of Arild Vågen (Sweden), (Anav Sonara) (India), Ingrida Vosyliūtė (Lithuania) and Michael Kramer (Germany).

The goal of the Wiki Loves Public Art (WLPA) contest was to get as many pictures of public art as possible available under a free licence on Wikimedia Commons. The submissions can now be seen and used by anyone, anywhere. These pictures will help Wikipedia (the world’s sixth largest website) to see a boost in its art coverage as photos in the contest can be added to illustrate articles in the online encyclopedia. The contest is organised by Wikimedia Sverige, Europeana and volunteers in the Wikimedia chapters and affiliated groups in each of the participating countries.

The jury chose to use Wikimedia Commons as the platform for the jury’s work and created a jury page there. The work was carried out in three stages. In the first round, each member of the jury had the opportunity to nominate images to the second and third round. The five images that received 3 or more votes in round 1 went directly to the final. The second round included all the images that received two votes in the first round and each jury member had 5 votes. The third and final round included 5 images from round 1 and 4 images from round 2. From the nine images in the final, 3 winners were chosen.

First prize

Coldcreation‘s images of Ricardo Bofill´s artwork Les quatre barres de la senyera catalana, in Barcelona, Spain. Comment from the jury: Simple and bright, well balanced, good composition, lighting, catches the spirit of Barcelona.

‘Ricardo Bofill (Ricard Bofill Leví), Les quatre barres de la senyera catalana’, by Coldcreation, CC-BY-SA

‘Ricardo Bofill (Ricard Bofill Leví), Les quatre barres de la senyera catalana’, by Coldcreation, CC-BY-SA

Second prize

Kartanofoto’s images of Emil Wikström’s fountain Aino, in Lahti, Finland. Comment from the jury: Vivid and vibrant photo, nice dominance of green color (background, reflections in the water, statues).

'Aino-suihkukaivo (1912) - Emil Wikström. Sijainti: Fellmanin kartanon puisto', by Kartanofoto,  CC-BY-SA

‘Aino-suihkukaivo (1912) – Emil Wikström. Sijainti: Fellmanin kartanon puisto’, by Kartanofoto,  CC-BY-SA

 Third prize

Gila Brand’s images of Yaacov Agam’s sculpture A Beating Heart, in Jerusalem, Israel. Comment from the jury: Strong, expressive and charming photo, well chosen camera angle and focus, emphasis on the most significant details.

'Yaacov Agam’s sculpture A Beating Heart',Gila Brand, CC-BY-SA

‘Yaacov Agam’s sculpture A Beating Heart’, Gila Brand, CC-BY-SA

The full results of WLPA are available here.

Àlex Hinojo from Europeana led the contest in Barcelona and was a member of the local jury. He says, ‘Barcelona is a great city for photographing public art: the nice weather provides great lighting to artworks. We also have an interesting mix of classical and contemporary sculptures all around the city and the freedom of panorama law lets us take pictures of works by contemporary and living artists. We are also proud of having two really enthusiastic users, Pere and Enric, who together took more than 5,000 pictures, almost completing the whole Barcelona public art map.’ You can read more about Pere and Enric’s work in a blog about last year’s Wiki Loves Monuments competition.

The prizes for the three internationally best pictures are travel gift certificates for 500 euros, 300 euros and 200 euros, and on top of that Europeana has sponsored high quality prints of the winning pictures that will be sent to the winners.

Blog by Arild Vågen, John Andersson and Beth Daley.

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  1. The idea of the competition itself is tremendous!
    I especially adore the first and second price winning pieces of art!
    Thanks a lot – and keep on with the idea!

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