Day: 18 September 2013

Coming soon: Europeana Open Culture 2.0 for iPad and Android

Blog by Milena Popova, Europeana Senior Marketing Specialist. The next major release of the Europeana Open Culture app will be available in early October. The updated version – available for both iPad and Android tablets – is more user-friendly, with brand-new content and more language choices, as well as better sharing and new download options. […]

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Once upon a time… From Brothers Grimm to political correctness

Once upon a time… four words that conjure up images of fairy tales. Princesses and castles, talking animals, love and magic, Prince Charmings and happily ever afters. But the tales written down by the Brothers Grimm were not so sweet. (I say ‘written down’ and not ‘written’ because versions of many of the stories were […]

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Lift off: how humans have viewed space through the ages

4-10 October is  World Space Week. In this blog, we explore how the human race has viewed space through the ages – from medieval astronomical diagrams to modern cartoons. You can also watch the 1978 launch of space shuttle ‘Enterprise’ at Cape Canaveral and listen to Holst’s ‘Planets’ orchestral suite. If there’s one thing we […]

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