Coming soon: Europeana Open Culture 2.0 for iPad and Android

Blog by Milena Popova, Europeana Senior Marketing Specialist.

The next major release of the Europeana Open Culture app will be available in early October. The updated version – available for both iPad and Android tablets – is more user-friendly, with brand-new content and more language choices, as well as better sharing and new download options.

Europeana Open Culture App

The Europeana Open Culture app introduces you to hand-picked and beautiful collections from some of Europe’s top institutions, and allows you to explore, share and comment on them. Initially developed by Glimworm IT during a Europeana hackathon, the app provides an easy introduction to Europe’s glorious cultural treasury through five specially curated themes: Maps and Plans, Treasures of Art, Treasures of the Past, Treasures of Nature and Images of the Past. Since its release in June, the app has registered more than 4,000 downloads from around the world with USA, the Netherlands and France the top 3 source countries. We have received a lot of positive comments and useful feedback and have been working with our software partner Glimworm on improving the user experience during the summer season.

Europeana Open Culture App

As a result, Europeana Open Culture 2.0 will offer enhanced functionality, new content and full tablet compatibility. Its main improvements relate to multilingual interface and search, extended content usage and a more user-friendly layout.

You will be able to choose your preferred language for the app interface from English, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Bulgarian. You can also search for keywords in any language and get relevant results thanks to the query translation function.

Europeana Open Culture App

The existing themes will be enriched with new content and sharing options. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, you can now share your favorite item via Pinterest. What’s more, you will be able to download any selected item and re-use it freely for your own projects. Finally, the next app release comes with a redesigned navigation and help text along with improved scrolling and object layout.

We have listened to our users and addressed the needs of the growing Android user communities – Europeana Open Culture 2.0 will be both iPad and Android tablet compatible and available for free download on both the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.

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