Your favourite reads of 2013

Through the magic of modern technology, we’ve discovered the most visited blogs of 2013. So here’s the top ten Europeana blogs you’ve been reading in 2013. It seems you’re a bunch of feline friendly, mermaid-loving First World War enthusiasts!

The Europeana blog team would like to thank you all for your reading, liking, commenting and sharing this year. We’ll keep it up next year if you will!

So here are the ten most-read blogs of 2013 (cue suspense-filled countdown music)…

Top blogs of 2013

In tenth place, and the most recent, it’s ‘5 Incredible Images of Plastic Surgery from the Past‘. Did you know the first reconstructive surgery happened as early as 800 BC in India?

In at ninth place, it’s ‘Master of Art Nouveau: Alphonse Mucha‘. Master he might be, but he hated the term ‘Art Nouveau’ and being associated with that movement.

Our first lot of cute fur balls come in at number eight – it’s ‘Vintage Cats from the 30s‘. Purrfect!

At number seven, it’s a woman whose life was so dramatic it’s been turned into a play, an opera, more than 20 films and a character in a video game. It’s ‘Lucrezia Borgia: scandalous or scandalised?

The First World War occupies both fifth and sixth places in our top ten with posts published in 2012 and still holding their own. ‘Extraordinary Personal Stories of World War 1‘ includes a life-saving Bible, the first-hand testimony of a centenarian, and a postcard from a 27-year-old soldier named Adolf Hitler, which suggests that the future dictator had problems with his teeth and his spelling. ‘Map of Europe in 1914‘ gives us a look at a satirical map of the nations of Europe as seen in 1914.

In fourth, a blog that proves you just can’t get enough of Europeana! It’s the announcement that ‘Europeana Releases First Free iPad App‘. (By the way, we’re releasing  the second version for all Apple and Android devices early next year!)

Then taking two out of the top three places by storm, it’s those elusive mermaids! In third, ‘Did Columbus really see mermaids?‘ (another blog from 2012 still going strong) and in second place, ‘Mixed-up mermaids‘. So, do you believe in mermaids?

Finally, clawing its way to the highest position like a kitten up the curtains, it’s ‘Where’s the cat?‘ This blog sets you the challenge of spotting the cats in a series of 17th century paintings.


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