Europeana Open Culture app now bigger and better

We just released an upgrade to the Europeana Open Culture app! The  new version of the app brings enhanced functionality, new content and a more user-friendly layout. The app is available in seven languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, and Swedish) and for all Apple and Android tablets.


The Europeana Open Culture app lets you explore hand-picked and beautiful image collections from some of Europe’s top cultural institutions. You can browse, share and download for free more than 350,000 high-resolution images from four themes: Maps and Plans, Images of the Past, Treasures of Art and Treasures of Nature.


You can search by keyword (now in any language!) or within a theme and narrow down your search by using a range of filters. Results will be shown as an interactive mosaic of image thumbnails which continuously refreshes as you scroll. Pick your favourite image, comment on it, share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or create your own personal virtual museum.


What’s more, you can now download the hi-res image for free and use it however you want to – for your work, study or leisure projects. If you are a developer, you can re-use the app code (Europeana Open Culture is open source) on Github and build your own app.


Feeling curious? Download Europeana Open Culture app from iTunes or Google Play and explore Europe’s culture any time, anywhere.


5 thoughts on “Europeana Open Culture app now bigger and better

  1. This upgrade is very good. I like the new content very much.The Hand-picked Images are beautiful. I have downloaded much of them. The Resolution is much better then in other programs. My Favorit is the Treasures of Nature. I hope there are coming much more updates out there. I always youse the keyword search and they are doing well. The share function is also included and very useful for me.

  2. your app cannot be downloaded to my GALAXY android.

    don’t feel too sad … my GALAXY android refuses to download itunes, also.

    just letting you know.

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