Want to be a Mona Lisa? Morph your face into famous works of art

Face substitution

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is probably the world’s most recognisable work of art. It’s also one of the most copied and parodied paintings in history, often the subject of many of today’s internet’s memes. Now computer science has taken this one step further – you can now actually become the Mona Lisa. An experimental interactive website allows you to wear Mona Lisa’s face thanks to a technology called ‘face substitution’. Anyone with a decent computer, internet browser and webcam can now substitute his or her own face with Mona Lisa’s, along with other famous faces such as Picasso. It’s not only great fun, but it also gives you a glimpse of how art from the past can now be used in creative and new interactive ways.

Face substitution (small)

The demo is very simple. Just visit this website, allow the program to use your webcam, keep your face still until the application has aligned with yours, and try out different faces from the dropdown menu. You will not only find the Mona Lisa and Picasso, but also famous actors such as George Clooney, Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn.

The face substitution demo works best with good lighting conditions. The demo, which was developed by Audun Mathias Øygard, needs support for WebGL, and works best in Google Chrome.

So, who will you become?


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