Use Europeana’s content to create an app, game or website

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Enter the Europeana Creative Challenge and win a tailor-made support package to bring your product successfully to the market!

Europeana is a database of about 30 million cultural and historical documents, images, sound and video files from Europe’s museums, libraries, galleries and archives. The Europeana API allows you to access to most of the collections and incorporate them into things like apps, games, websites, even creating mash-ups using other APIs. The possibilities are endless.

We’re looking for creative developers and entrepreneurs to use Europeana’s collections to create applications for a range of themes – natural history education, history education, tourism, design and social media.

Photo credit: CC-BY-SA hackNY (source:

Photo credit: CC-BY-SA hackNY (source:

We’re running challenges on each topic, and the first two, natural history and history education, are open now! Need some inspiration? We’ve created some pilot apps to show you the kinds of things you could do with Europeana’s content and a bit of imagination.

• First World War Learning Activities (from EUROCLIO/Webtic)
• Night at the museum adventure game (National Museum Prague/Museum for Natural History Berlin/Exozet)
• Natural history memory card game (National Museum Prague/Semantika)

Could you develop our pilots to make them bigger? Or do you have something completely different in mind? If it uses Europeana’s content and fits the history or natural history education theme, then enter the Challenge!

How to Enter
All applications should be submitted here:

March 31st 2014

The winners for each theme will be invited to pitch their ideas on April 29, 2014 at The Egg in Brussels. The overall winners (one per theme) will receive a hands-on “Incubation” Support Package provided by the project consortium to bring his/her product successfully to the market.

This Support Package may include consultation with experts on a wide range of subjects, such as financial management, business models, intellectual property management; access to specialised testing environments; facilitation of access to investments and business partnerships and marketing and promotion support as required to bring the winning product successfully to the market.

More Information
Find out more about Europeana Creative and its challenges at you have any further questions about your application, you can contact us at or just drop us a question via @eCreativeEU on Twitter or on our Europeana Creative Facebook page.

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