Winners of the Europeana video remix competition

Trying to figure out whether you are allowed to use that fantastic photo you found online the other day of a cat eating pasta without stepping on any copyright toes is quite challenging.
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In order to help Google-fiend teenagers understand the different licensing agreements, the National Audiovisual Institute of Poland recently ran the Europeana Video Remix competition  for school children in Poland.

Maria Drabczyk from the National Audiovisual Institute, Poland, says, ´In short, Europeana Video Remix was an attempt to bring archival resources closer to the younger generation. Their task was to select one of the four themes of competition, matching them with relevant archives available on the portals associated with Europeana (images, photographs, sounds, videos or other digital objects) and assemble them in a remix.’ They wanted to understand how much (or little) adolescents know about access to online materials with the reality of a teenage user of the archives online.

Results showed that there is still a lot to be learnt about how to re-use stuff you find on the internet. But there were fairly impressive entries. Here are two of the winning videos:

Credit: Bartosz Aziewicz, Kuba Kalcowski, Magdalena Ludwicka – Back to fun! CC BY



Credit: Marcin Nowak, Historyczny euro-mix CC BY NC

To watch the other entries, click here.

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