Month: August 2014

Dora Gabe, Bulgarian poet and social activist

Dora and her sister Bela. Varna Public Library, CC0. Today is the 126th birth anniversary of Bulgarian poet, children’s writer and social activist Dora Gabe (26 August 1888 – 16 November 1983). Not much information in English exists about this prolific writer. The child of a Russian immigrant, she was born and raised in Dobrogea, Bulgaria. She wrote […]

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Andy Thomas

Last chance to enter round 2 of the eCreative Challenges!

On 28 August, applications close for the current Europeana Creative Open Innovation Challenges on Tourism and Social Networks. So if you have an idea for a new app that uses Europeana content relating to these themes, enter now at Need a creativity boost? Look at the Tourism pilot VanGoYourself or the beautiful visualisation of bird […]

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Summer Snaps from WW1 Soldiers

Even during the First World War soldiers would find some time to enjoy the warm weather. Soldiers weren’t expected to serve entirely in the front line or in the trenches. Fortunately for the troops, they spent a short period in rest. In a year, only about two months would be spent at rest, and not […]

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Improving search across languages

By David Haskiya, Europeana’s Product Development Manager At, we have content described in about 30-40 languages – all the languages of Europe and then some! This poses a huge challenge in developing our search function, as the user’s search keywords must match the words in an item’s description to get a ´hit´. If it […]

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Kapsalon: Barbers and deep-fried snacks

Rotterdam is home to a gorgeous harbour, no-nonsense citizens,  multiculturalism and quirky architecture. What you may not know about this Dutch city is its contribution to the world’s fast-food heritage –  ‘kapsalon’ – meaning barbershop. The dish is believed to have been invented by a barber who asked the Turkish lunchroom across the street to […]

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Helping cultural heritage institutions get their content on Wikipedia

You’re probably quite familiar with Wikipedia, the most popular encyclopaedia in the world, with more than 500 million unique visitors per month and millions of articles in 287 languages. Many articles make use of images that are hosted on Wikimedia Commons, a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, […]

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