Kapsalon: Barbers and deep-fried snacks

Rotterdam is home to a gorgeous harbour, no-nonsense citizens,  multiculturalism and quirky architecture.

What you may not know about this Dutch city is its contribution to the world’s fast-food heritage –  ‘kapsalon’ – meaning barbershop. The dish is believed to have been invented by a barber who asked the Turkish lunchroom across the street to make a dish with his favourite things – shavings of meat, fries, melted cheese and salad.

De man eet een kapsalon, zijn zoontje een patatje.; In El Aviva is de kapsalon uitgevonden.


Man eet kapsalon.


Egyptische eigenaar / keuken. De afgebeelden zijn vaste klanten.

Explore these and more photos of Rotterdam’s snack culture by Joris den Blaauwen. All images from Historisch Museum Rotterdam, CC BY.

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