Summer Snaps from WW1 Soldiers

Even during the First World War soldiers would find some time to enjoy the warm weather.

Soldiers weren’t expected to serve entirely in the front line or in the trenches. Fortunately for the troops, they spent a short period in rest. In a year, only about two months would be spent at rest, and not typically on leave. Perhaps two weeks would be spent on leave – if a soldier was lucky.

Playing cards – cc-by-sa

Breakfast – cc-by-sa

Field of flowers – cc-by-sa

On the water – cc-by-sa

Sun bathing – cc-by-sa

Soldiers with dog – cc-by-sa

Swimming – cc-by-sa

Swimming – cc-by-sa

Riding a motorcycle – cc-by-sa

Fell of motorcycle – cc-by-sa

Summer games – cc-by-sa

All images are contributed to Europeana 1914 – 1918 by Walter Naumann. Do you have an untold story of the First World War? Add your story here.

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