Month: October 2014

Parisian Haute Couture in the Early 1900s

What’s a better place to show off your new outfit than the popular horse racing tracks in a chic Western neighbourhood of Paris. The popularity of Longchamp, where races were run for the first time in 1857, signalled a general revival in French horse racing, making it the perfect place for designers and fashion lovers […]

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Autumn Inspired Art: 16 paintings and drawing

The second month of Autumn, it’s starting to get cold and wet. Trees loose their green colour and eventually let go of their leaves. Autumn is a season people love or loathe. Many painters have been inspired by this season, a season that starts filled with a wide range of warm colours and gradually introduces […]

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Help the National Library of France acquire a national treasure

 By Claire Bertrand The French National Library has launched a public appeal for the acquisition of a royal manuscript of King François I of France,Description des Douze Césars avec leurs figures (Tours, c. 1520). This exceptional manuscript, classified as a national treasure, was illustrated by Jean Bourdichon for King François I of France. The manuscript, which […]

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