Autumn Inspired Art: 16 paintings and drawing

The second month of Autumn, it’s starting to get cold and wet. Trees loose their green colour and eventually let go of their leaves. Autumn is a season people love or loathe. Many painters have been inspired by this season, a season that starts filled with a wide range of warm colours and gradually introduces us to the cold and grey winter.

We searched Europeana for some beautiful artworks inspired by Autumn, and highlighted them below. Interested in more Autumn related works? Explore Europeana.

Autumn (Conversation) by Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain

Afternoon in Autumn by Pieter Stortenbeker. Teylers Museum, CC-BY-NC

Autumn on Rodopian Lower Village by Atanas Vassilev Indjov. Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, CC-BY

Autumn in the mountain by Heinz Steffens. museum-digital, CC-BY-NC-SA

Autumn by Elisabeth Voigt and A.G. Spamer. Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig, CC-BY-NC-SA

A house on a river by Joseph Clément Maxime Jeannot. Teylers Museum, CC-BY-NC

Proveniershuis Rotterdam by Jan Harm Weijns. Museum Rotterdam, CC-BY

Autumn Landscape by Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain

Two attendants are warming sake on a fire of autumn leaves, Kunisada. Wellcome Library, CC-BY

Chunks at Chorzów by Wilhelm Pramme. museum-digital, CC-BY-NC-SA

International october by Frederick Richardson. Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, Public Domain

Pond by Christian Hallbauer. museum-digital, CC-BY-NC-SA

Autumn fishin in the Brouwer Kolk at Overveen by Izaak Jansz. de Wit. Teylers Museum, CC-BY-NC

Autumn by Wilhelm Pramme. museum-digital, CC-BY-NC-SA

Autumn forest by Charlotte Reinmann-Hübner. museum-digital, CC-BY-NC-SA

Chunks at Chorzów by Wilhelm Pramme. museum-digital, CC-BY-NC-SA


Images: Teylers Museummuseum-digitalCentral Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, RijksmuseumStadtgeschichtliches Museum LeipzigThe Wellcome LibraryBibliothèque municipale de Lyon

4 thoughts on “Autumn Inspired Art: 16 paintings and drawing

  1. Great share!! I like all the 16 paintings as I love art work. Moreover, in every painting I start imagining them especially in the third one they are workers or husband/wife doing wooden work but what they are making still unable to guess. Thanks!! Keep Sharing!

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